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WordPress 3.5.2 Released

WordPress has just launched 3.5.2, make sure you are updating your projects.  I can not stress enough how important it is to make sure your sites are up to date.  This includes plugins. Site Update Process Making sure you have … Read More→

hire a developer
How to hire a developer

I have seen this senario over and over and OVER.  A company wants to hire a developer, they have absolutely no idea what a “developer”  is but they have to have one.  I have been in this interview a few times.  Nine … Read More→

The “Developer” Title

There is always a huge discusion around the definition of a web developer and what those capabilities are. In my office yesterday my team and I fielded the million dollar question. Is there a difference between a web developer and … Read More→

Dynamic WordPress Shortcodes
Creating Shortcodes Using WordPress Part 2

Welcome to part II of Creating Shortcodes Using WordPress. Creating Shortcodes Using WordPress Part 1 Creating Shortcodes Using WordPress Part 2 In part II of this seriers we are going to go over how to add variables to your shortcode. … Read More→

WordPress Theme720
Theme720 to be released for free

Hi everyone, I have finished up my new WordPress theme, Theme720. I am looking to release it in the next few weeks and wondering if anyone has any feedback for me. Please leave a comment with your reaction. Look around … Read More→

Wordpress Shortcodes
Creating Shortcodes Using WordPress Part 1

Creating Shortcodes Using WordPress Part 1 Creating Shortcodes Using WordPress Part 2 Lets just dive in!!! Today we are going to be talking about creating a simple shortcode using WordPress. Now you might be asking why would I need a … Read More→

Slides JS Plus
Slides JS Plus WordPress Plugin

Hey everyone, Jeffrey Dev has released a new WordPress Plugin. Slides JS Plus is now available in the WordPress Repo. Lets talk a bit about what it can do for your WordPress website. Slides JS Plus was built on the … Read More→

Creating a Facebook Tab

Quick Tip Here is a quick tip link for creating Facebook tabs.  After you finish creating your app you need a link to access what you have just created. This article goes deeper into it but here is the link … Read More→

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I am a WordPress PHP and MYSQL Developer - Consultant. I have been dedicated to WordPress development for 3 years now and have worked with some amazing companies. I strive to build awesome Themes and Plugins that will take your website to the next level.